(Poll) Do teasers add to the discussion?

If you’ve been paying attention to the site this past week I’m sure you’ve noticed teaser posts, and a lot of them. It seems that just about every team is making a teaser of some sort, but not much for real reveals just yet.

Lets put this to a poll. Do teasers offer valuable discussion, are they just a good filler till reveals get here, or are they better off skipped all together?

I’ve noticed the same trend with polls…

Haha! fair point :yikes:

  1. I’d rather see the robot doing it’s thing. It’s too late for us to copy you well…you dont have anything to lose by showing us what you’ve done. But you might help a few teams figure something out.

Our team has decided to be 100% transparent.

If you noticed my picture/video posts have not been teasers but, full robot pictures/videos. The bottom line is everyone thinks they came up with this new innovation but, most of the time there are 50 other teams who thought of the same thing.

There was a team a couple of days ago that posted a pic of their tape measure climber with a redacted portion. I asked the team to see the pic without the big block over it and they pm’ed me a pic. It was not an innovation by any means but a nicely machined part that the team was/should be very proud of.

The top 1% probably can not afford to be 100% transparent but other then that there is no competitive disadvantage to posting full pictures of progress.

To address this post better my answer is I prefer full robot reveals but, teasers are fun as long as they are not hiding something. When people post redacted pictures on CD it really annoys me.

I think Woodie encourages us to cooperate fully before matches, and to compete enthusiastically during matches. I tend to think that following his advice makes teams better.

You either post a full picture or video of your robot/mechanism or you don’t post one at all. No one really wants or cares about seeing a picture of something they can’t see.