[Poll] Does your school financially support your team?

Financial support is a very generic term. Interpret it as you will. This may or may not include raw cash sponsorship, paying for registration, paying for travel, coach stipends, paying for specific materials, FRC-specific scholarships, etc. This does not include mentor/teacher out-of-pocket costs nor does it include corporate sponsorships.

This poll is intentionally not highly scientific. Results are anonymous.

(Anonymous) Do you receive financial support from any schools you are associated with?
  • No financial support whatsoever
  • Financial support from some, but not all, of the schools
  • Financial support from all school(s) we are associated with
  • Not affiliated with any school
  • I have no idea, but I want to vote on something

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(Anonymous) Approximately how much financial support (in USD) do you get from your school(s) (grand total) annually?
  • $0
  • $1-1,000
  • $1,001-2,500
  • $2,501-$4,000
  • $4,001-$6,000
  • $6,001-10,000
  • $10,001-$20,000
  • $20,001-$35,000
  • $35,001-$50,000
  • $50,001-$75,000
  • $75,001-$100,000
  • $100,001+
  • Not affiliated with any school
  • I have no idea, but I want to vote on something

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I made a clarification on the 2nd poll and edited it. It wiped out every vote. Sorry. :crazy_face: thanks discourse


There’s no option for negative financial aid, where the team pays the school for the right to exist/use the facilities.

This is 449’s actual situation (well, technically we pay the county, not the school, but…).


That is true. We were almost in that scenario this year.

Editing the poll will wipe out all the votes, so I don’t feel particularly inclined to do that, but I’m sure there are a lot of teams in similar situations.

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If you are in FiM and get the MDE (state of Michigan department of education) grant do you classify that as from the school?

Can you define financial support?

We don’t receive any regularly allocated funding into any of our team accounts from the school, but the school does provide stipends to our head coach and two assistant teacher coaches. Additionally, the school provides us facilities to work out of at no cost, and local transportation to all of our FIRST Mid-Atlantic events at no cost - both of which save us considerable amounts of money compared to having to procure them on our own dime. I suspect at least the latter portion, if not the former as well, is a very common support system for many school-based teams, but some would not consider it to be “financial support” and would not indicate as such on your poll.


I did:

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Coach stipend, facilities, administrative support, IT support… it’s very easy to underestimate the true cost/value of these things!

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I need an “it’s complicated” option.

the school will pay for rental of student/teacher transportation on preapproved events, a sub for the teacher. but technically only the students/teachers involved with a CTE Class.

well it was until we qualified for worlds then they paid 100% of transportation lodging and registration.( we only had to pay for food)

Based on my very limited knowledge of the situation, I probably wouldn’t; it depends on how you split “the government” and “the public school,” which is a discussion topic that I have no intent to enter nor start.

also several schools CTE/Tech/whatever departments have several public/private grants going on at all points in time. its a messy spaghetti.

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I originally responded with no financial support, but decided to adjust it because our teachers do get a stipend that we advocated for. It’s not much, but it’s something to show they value the time it takes from our teachers.

I wish we could get them to help pay for states/world champs registration/travel like they do with other teams in the district that “advance”.


They provide stipends for 2 teachers, supply us space, some supplies (metal and stuff) and mini busses for in state events.

We get to buy some robot parts and raw materials with school money. Also we are occasionally given the opportunity to buy stuff with leftover funds.

Going off a tangent a little.
We define support a success when 3 main areas are addressed.

  1. Facilities - workspace.
  2. Mentorship - volunteers, teachers, professionals, etc.
  3. Funding

We feel that teams have the most control over making #3, happen. #1 and 2 are so much harder.
We currently get $0 funding from our school, but the flexibility to do what we want has never been better. I’d take that over going back to the way things were before, being more restrictive, but receiving funding support.


Same. We also get $0 cash but so much support in terms of dedicated robotics facilities, utility coverage, internet coverage, freedom to expand our facilities, gym usage, bus usage, freedom to meet whenever we want, etc.


We get a space to work in and the internet and utilities coverage that comes with that and they’ve unknowingly paid registration for the trailer for a couple years now :shushing_face:

Our school pays a small stipend to our head coach, but no other financial support.
We do get to use school buildings, electricity, etc for free, but I’ll define those as in-kind support, not financial support, since OP is abdicating responsibility for definitions :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll be getting a “robotics class period” that technically means I’ll be given a release period. So 1/6 of my scheduled work day will be allotted for robotics. That represents a big chunk of money… but it doesn’t make it into the team’s hands… just helps keep me more sane (theoretically). The school is also giving the team a room on campus. We’ve been using my classroom, the hallway, and a small office room for 10 years. Both of these new accommodations are happening due to declining enrollment and teacher retirements.

Our school gives us registration for 2 events ($10,000), transport to local events, and usually pays for Championship travel/lodging depending on the year, and they have been increasing the number of people going to champs for the past few years, now at 22 students + 3 Teachers. This year they paid for travel and lodging, only requiring us to pay for food and activities. Additionally, they will occasionally pay for new tools. They bought us a new cnc router this year and expanded our lab. I believe our teacher/mentor also gets paid for his time.

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Is there a way to edit a poll vote? I didn’t really consider adding in stipend amounts.

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I voted no idea for the amount poll cause it can drastically fluctuate depending on how well we do.

For example this year when qualified for Houston, the school gave us their leftover travel credit with southwest which was over 10k. Sometimes they help with CMP and or DCMP registration fees. This year they provided coach busses for our qualifying district events.

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