[Poll] Ever filled out a non-medical incident?

I am curious - have you yourself ever filled out a Non-Medical Incident Report (NMIR)? This could be the physical paper form, emailed PDF, or through the online SurveyMonkey link.

If I did this correctly, your responses will be anonymous. I am curious, though, if you have reasons why you have or have not decided to fill out the form if you could please share them.

  • I have filled out a NMIR and am happy with the resolution
  • I have filled out a NMIR and am unhappy with the resolution
  • I have filled out a NMIR and am neutral on the resolution
  • I have never felt the need to fill out a NMIR
  • I have not filled out a NMIR because it was too much work
  • I have not filled out a NMIR because of fear of retaliation against the individual(s) being reported
  • I have not filled out a NMIR because of fear of retaliation against me or my team
  • I have not filled out a NMIR because I didn’t know it existed
  • I have not filled out a NMIR because it wasn’t too serious
  • I have not filled out a NMIR because I didn’t think it would help
  • I have not filled out a NMIR for another reason

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As head coach of my team, I would like to share the general outlines of our NMIRs with the lead contacts of other teams.


I have submitted an email to FIRST about an issue that probably should have been a NMIR but didn’t think to at the competition and I do not believe it was online at the time.

It’s important to note that this line:
Is NOT an instruction for the original reporter. Instead it’s an instruction for the volunteers or staff who receive these reports and must quickly forward them along to FIRST HQ for processing. Anyone may initiate NMIRs at any time after an incident, although it’s recommended that it be completed as soon as possible.


where’s the options for,“I was the subject for an NMIR.”?


That’s under the menu where you click on the cheese block with 1086 on it in the circle at the top of your screen. From there click on the link labelled “Log Out”.

(This is way less funny than the Alt F4 shortcut key jokes that inspired it)


No, i’m being serious. I was a subject of one two years ago. It was an… interesting experience.

Care to share? More insight into the process might be really useful for us here.

I filled one out (along with Al) back in… 2014, I think it was. We had 2 white clippard tanks blow up at the event, and wrote the situation up. The following year, those tanks were no longer legal or being sold, so I was happy with the outcome.

There was another situation last year that I’m sure ended up with one, but I was only involved tangentially, getting the right people together to discuss the situation, and then getting myself out of there - not a situation I really wanted or needed to be involved with. I just happened to be the first volunteer it was escalated to.


I’ve always been wary just because while I know they’re anonymous, depending on the situation and having been the subject of one before, sometimes it’s not hard to determine where it came from. Often if I’m considering submitting one it’s because I’m uncomfortable with or afraid of confronting the volunteer/staff member in person. I feel like it can also be difficult to prove whether retaliation has occurred, and FIRST doesn’t really outline what that can look like, how to report it, or what the consequences are of such retaliation. Many corporate HR policies outline exactly what the process is for reporting and punishing retaliation and give examples of what it looks like, and sometimes it feels like that is missing from FIRST’S policies or just not clearly communicated.


Yeah, I’ll give you a summation: During a match of steamworks a human player damaged our robot because he insisted on pulling the gear out of the robot instead of letting the robot deliver the gear (think let the darned thing go). He did it twice. At the end of the match I had a conversation with that student. I was frustrated and it showed. Apparently, the student or an observer didn’t like what they saw and filled out at NMIR. I was interviewed by CHS staff and the event manager and was told it would be sent to HQ for review. needless to say it was an embarrassing conversation. I never heard back from HQ about it.

My take away from the process: I use it as a constant reminder to keep my emotions in check (still a work in progress) and to remember everything I do is constantly being watched. Do I feel my conversation was appropriate? yep, I’d still have the exact conversation with that student. I would just change my intensity level a bit.


How about a category for “I filled out a NMIR but am unaware of what the resolution (if any) might have been”? At CMP in 2017 another adult mentor grabbed me and pushed me out of his way because he felt I wasn’t moving quickly enough in the pits (this was the year of “no running in the pits!!!). The resulting discussion I had with him did not assure me that he umm, fully understood my concerns. I’d like to think that someone in an Official Capacity spoke with this person at some point, but I’ve got no evidence that it ever happened.


Is there an “Im unsure if my report was put into an NIMR or handled differently?” Ive reported some concerning things ive seen via email, but never had to fill out any forms specifically, nor do i know of the outcome.

When you say you are unsure if your “report was put into” a NMIR, do you mean that you filled out a report and you’re not sure if it was filed appropriately? If that’s the case, I’d always follow up with FIRST if you are concerned and looking for a follow up.

I never filled a NIMR out, instead contacting FIRST directly. Everything was over email. I think it did warrant a NIMR (serious accusations about myself and things I “planned” to do) but it was only sending screenshots and i heard nothing more.

As a point of clarification, you the individual fill out the NMIR, not a volunteer (unless you as a volunteer are the one reporting), not the FTA, not someone from FIRST HQ. The purpose of you filling out the form is to inform FIRST that something has happened and to have a clear paper trail. There isn’t exactly a purpose in FIRST filing a form to inform themselves of something. You could and still can always email a PDF of the form but now you can also fill out the SurveyMonkey. What matters, though, is that you are the one that fills out the form of whatever you experience.

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In this case, would you of considered the emails directly to be enough? At the time, there wasnt any NIMR forms online (thati knew of) so there wasnt much i could do anyways, but anything for future reference would be nice.

Email is okay since it is still a paper trail but the NMIR has all of the appropriate questions to cover your back and the back of FIRST in case of a dispute down the line. It’s always best to submit the official documentation since there is (presumably) somewhere it gets filed. The form will also ensure that your responses will stay confidential between you and the YPP department which cannot be guaranteed of email.

Prior to the form being a SurveyMonkey, you could email the PDF for several years. Before that, the form was available online for you to fax if you would like. Finally, if you get the form from Pit Admin, you can always keep it and chose to submit it to FIRST directly (snail mail, fax, email) if you don’t want Pit Admin to serve as an intermediary. I know that these forms have existed since at least 2013 (but I believe earlier - others can confirm) which is one year before your listed rookie year of 2014.

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Stupid question: what is a MIBR and how does it compare to a NMIR?


Not a stupid question, i just cant acronym. Went back and fixed them.

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