POLL: Finale

I would like to know, for statistical purposes, how many teams are planning on using the Finale to hang on the tower? (1351 is planning on hanging)

Did you mean to put a poll with this thread? There is none currently.

Hanging will be an option, but it’s not as simple hang or not every time. It will depend upon the circumstances in the last 20 seconds (i.e. where the balls, our robot, our teammates, and opposing robots are).

hanging is part of our plan.

We’re planning on hanging.

I define value for my students as usefulness divided by cost. In regards to hanging in the finale its usefulness is only 2 or 3 points while it costs up to twenty seconds of time to complete and requires an additional complex robot system. Maybe a higher value alternative would be to keep shooting goals especialy if you can do it from the center section. So 1583 is going to keep kicking. With robots trying to hang we should have enough balls.

Keep in mind, though, that not all 12 are going to be on the field, and many mechanisms could be made that hang you in less than 5 seconds. Can you score 2 points reliably in 10 or so seconds? If so, I want you on my alliance while I’m hanging.

What hanging has to do with soccer?

Kids hang on the crossbar all the time. No matter how many times we discourage it for safety. ::ouch::

We plan on having the capability to hang during the finale.

Whether or not we actually hang during any match, will be dependent on how the match is going.