Poll: FIRST Dean's List - Did you submit?

With the short time frame presented with newly created FIRST Dean’s List Award, I’m wondering how many teams were able to complete nominations and how many of these nominations were up to the team’s normal standard of quality. Please take a moment to answer this attached poll. Thanks.

We did submit, but I know that we did not get as broad a collaborative effort as we usually do. The essays were good, but they could have been better with more input and some more time for reflective editing. At least next year we will know ahead of time.

Submitted both but the quality was rushed, not because of the time allotted, but because we had to reduce the content down to 4K characters in the time allotted. 6K would have been much better.

we were definitely rushed … I am moderately happy with the quality given our time constraints, but know we would have done a little different/better had this come out with the rest of the awards section.

And I will confide seeing this the other day did burn me up a little. Truth is, I have zero time to pay attention to this now - like most teams. We’re in the middle of withholding allowance work and packing/taking care of team needs for a week one regional and we’ve had bad weather hamper all of it this week. I thought I was going to get a little sleep and recover some before we go compete, but then this happened.

By all rights, we should have decided NOT to do this because of the timing and our other needs, but because this was an opportunity to recognize very deserving students we (well I took the brunt of it) sucked it up and got it done.

I’m proud that we were able to do this, I’m glad FIRST wants to recognize students this way, but I’m less than thrilled with the reckless rollout.

Mine got rolled out last night. Mentors on my team told me that they nominated me, but due to time limits they needed my help to get all the facts straight.

I want to meet the other kids that got nominated. Possibly interesting backgrounds and contributions to the general good health of FIRST.

I deffinatly agree with you on the 6,000 characters.

Just out of curiosity who is going to read this award submission?

We submitted two students but I am not happy with the quality of the essays submitted. They could have been much better with more time. Both the time constraint and the timing (right after build season) of this award were quite bad.

Hopefully everybody will be able to create better submissions next year.

We submitted for two students. I believe the quality was fine (it doesn’t take much to write 4000 characters when you have the kind of kids we do), but unfortunately due to the time constraints it couldn’t really be a full team effort.

We submitted one entry last night for a unique and deserving student. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves for it.

WC :cool:

I agree. I hate meeting kids in FIRST who don’t “get it”, and would love to meet other students to swap stories and the what-not.

Submitted… quickly put together, but they were good.

I like this award.

And if any of the students see my post here, they will be wondering who we submitted.

Wouldn’t the student who submitted the nominations know?

We submitted 2 students, both excellent essays…we are very happy with how they turned out after being typed up thursday night.


We wrote essays, but couldn’t submit them on time. Our students were in school (without internet access) when the deadline past. I’d say the problem was FIRST didn’t have time to roll-out the award properly. There should have been a method available for mentors to submit this award.

We managed to submit for our two seniors.

This was actually the only award that we let our mentors work on. We decided that because it is an award for the students, the students should not be involved in the decision. I was able to submit right before the deadline.

Our team was able to submit 1 entry but would have liked time to do another.
With build season ending and our team entering a week 1 and 2 regional away from home, it was quite the challenge to even get 1 in.

However, I commend FIRST for doing this and like the changes/improvements/expectations that are occuring with FRC awards.
I never understood why the WF and CA in the past had to be submitted at the same regional before. I’m glad the flexibility on where we want to enter awards is there now.

We did one submission. Originally, we had decided that we didn’t have the time to do a team collaboration on it, so we weren’t going to, but when I told the other captain about it, she said “No, they deserve it, I’ll write it tonight.”

I agree. The essay my mentors submitted was 5k. We had to spend half an hour during lunch, figuring out which stuff to cut out.

The way I’ve looked at it to avoid driving myself crazy, is that FIRST could have waited until next year to roll out this award. While that would have given many of us a better first impression, it also would have meant that the benefits of the award from this year (recommendations, seminar, entry fee reduction, etc.) would have gone unused.

I would rather these benefits go to students rather than go to waste. While it is true that the time crunch and trouble with submissions may make it so that the most deserving students don’t have the best, or even any, shot at winning, I am confidant that the students that do win will still be plenty deserving.

We can either sit around and complain about what could have been, or we can focus on the upside of what we have and move on.