Poll: FIRST Video Game Name

This is it the poll for the FIRST Video Game.

My choice is “FIRST World Champion Robotics”

or FIRST WCR + year

When should we conclude this poll???

Virtual FIRST!! i say give it either one or two weeks

I voted for “Legacy of Kamen” (wonder why :slight_smile: ). My intent was to delete the “Goal Reaper” part and instead add the current game name after the colon -->

Legacy of Kamen:Stack Attack
Legacy of Kamen:FIRST Frenzy

So many options… :slight_smile:

Have to go with THE FIRST PROJECT though. Just something about it… :slight_smile:

How about run this for a week, remove a bunch, then do another round. (3 rounds enough?)

hmm… that seems cool. I thought of another name, it’s generation first or GENERATION I (maybe it’s not a good name…ssshhh…)lol but it just came to me… u dont have to use it :smiley:

Does anyone want to take on that task?
I can’t because i am going on vacation for awhile and won’t have access to a computer often.

I’ll do that. Next wed.?

sounds good

I choose to abstain from the vote. There aren’t a good selection of names up there that are more than a meaningless acronym, would appeal to the non-FIRSTer user, and aren’t entirely lame. Why not think of some good names for a general robot video game and post it on a non-FIRST gaming forum to see how they readers react and what they appeal to?

The problem is that no one can come up with a name that isn’t lame.

If we can get a name for the developers (Me and texan currently), we can compile it with a different name.

Great response so far, but we need more votes!!!

I’ll aks some friends of mine to ask around on some other forums… :slight_smile:

Sounds about right to me. Also, consider that FIRST may not want you using the name “FIRST” in something that doesn’t belong to them. Ask them before proceeding. (Somehow, I think Dean may have something to say about “Legacy of Kamen”…)

I already e-mailed FIRST about licensing names, logos, etc.

last chance to vote!!!