Poll for English

hey all-

I’m doing an English project on the Internet, and so I thought that I would do a poll to gather some statistics to further enhance my grade.

Thanks for your time!

[edit] This question is what you THINK it is, not what the actual facts are. My project is on the Culture of the Internet, so I need ideas along those lines. [/edit]

AHHH im so confused i wanted to pick all three

I say all 3 are correct but the basic foundation of it is a web of computers and servers. Without number 3 numbers 1 and 2 wouldn’t exist/work. So I voted for number 3.

The internet is

“inside a CD that I picked up from the counter of my local post office.” j/k :smiley:

I think it is supposed to be a poll of what people picture the internet is not what it actually is, but I could be wrong. :slight_smile:

If it was just for file transfers, it would probably be called an intranet.

As even this site proves, it’s more than just documents.

I also, voted C as the Internet, is just a very larger intranet.

But correct me if I’m wrong.


Why are you doing this topic in English?

I agree with Fruity Pebbles. Also, a collection of documents could be other things too, like a library, etc.

We’ve been assigned to do a research project, the topic is up to us. So I thought that I’d do something that I know a good bit about.

And yes, the question is what YOU think it is, not what the actual facts are. So no websearching for the answer!

How is it a research project if it is your opinion and you can do any research ? Anyways, the internet is a huge topic. Are you doing it on the workings, the history (Al Gore invented the internet…right? :stuck_out_tongue: ), etc.?

I’m doing my project on the Culture of the Internet, after presenting a little bit about the history of the web.

I think you have a really good idea here, but you may or may not want to branch out from a somewhat computer-savvy population. People here will more likely know the precise definition, than say the random person you meet on the street.


Think about it,

couldn’t the Internet be considered a form of entertainment?

The internet could be considered a lot of things. Entertainment, a collection of data, way to transfer data, and the list goes on.

I love that idea. Make sure you include illegal file sharing, bit-torrent, etc. for the culture. There is a lot of culture that wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the internet. The hardest part will be writing it so non-techies can understand it while still keeping the interest of the techies.

I think Andy Baker is the Internet.

I’ve always been curious on what percentage of the pages on the internet are adult oriented but I’ve never wanted to do a search on that topic for fear of the results. I bet it is a very considerable amount though.

I remember reading somewhere that it’s something like 2/3.

Anyway I voted C, but it’s not a web, it’s more like a logical mesh, physical meshish.

the internet is technology implemented in a way that has brought us one step closer to becoming the Borg.

A good example of this: Last week I flew Rochester => LA and back. At the airports every single 110VAC outlet was being used by one or (usually) two people, with laptops and cell phones recharging.

Just like on Startrek, when the Borg were not active they were plugged into their sleep/recharge stations - in pairs!

BTW, the first choice in your poll is invalid - Online refers to the internet,
so its saying the internet is documents on ‘the internet’

Shhh… People aren’t supposed to know that!

It’s just a random poll to inflate my grade above average by showing the initiative to gather my own data.

The internet is a WAN- wide area network. By way of necessity, that’s a lot of servers and computers connected. :slight_smile: Now that I think about it, aren’t the computers connected to the servers which are connected to a satelite?

(I didn’t actually use the source, it’s just something I found).


PS. Sorry if that changes the poll. You could just say that if servers are connected than the computers are connected, and hence there is no problem.