[POLL] FRC Scouting Tables, Board Games, and Strategy

Hi! I’m Franklin, a high school student from Washington state. I’m currently taking IB Design Tech, which has a required Major Design Project (MDP) on a topic of my choice.

As of now, I’m working on iterations of a scaled-down model of an FRC field, and am considering more gamified (at least, more than the competition already is :grin: ) options to widen potential use.

I’ve made a quick poll (<5 mins) to gauge interest in this.
How does your team handle game planning? What styles of board games do you prefer? I appreciate any/all feedback!

Form: https://forms.gle/wBUwQ7XgorEAV9us8

Edited for formatting, responding to some questions from the form:
The board would be a scaled down field-like setup, and would ideally be modular enough to swap out structures from different years. Robots would be represented by small models capable of handling clip-on mini bumpers.


You need permission to view the form.


Whoops, thank you! Should be fixed now!

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