[Poll] How Are Climbs Coming This Season?

Since we are now in the middle of build season, I thought it would be interesting to see how teams are coming along with their climb systems. Will you be able to clime in five seconds or less, buddy climb, or not are not climbing whatsoever?

(Climbing time includes latching with the bar and raising above 12’’)

  • Buddy Climb
  • Climb in 5 seconds or less
  • Climb in around 10 seconds
  • Climb in 20 seconds or longer
  • Not Climbing

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Our team is planning on having the ability to climb at least 24", but only lifting ourselves an inch or two off the ground. We’re mainly doing this because we have two hooks and if they both latch on, it will allow our alliance to more easily level the switch since our CoG will be much lower.

Climbing in 5 seconds is very difficult. Visibility is a big issue because its hard to where the robot is relative to the clmbing bar. Also it might be hard to rotate and move the robot because of the obstacles on the ground.
Optimistically I assume we will do it in 10 seconds. Probably going to be more towards the 20 seconds range.

It took around 10 seconds for top tier teams in 2018 to climb and it was a much simpler target

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Really? The Generator Switch is huge, and assuming your climber sticks up out of the robot, you should be able to see pretty well where you’re making contact…


Found some trolls


It depends on whether the drive teams is in the right, center or left

Its pretty meh

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But 67 and 1885 aren’t trolling? :thinking:


Currently, my team is at the “oh, wait, maybe we should start working on that” phase…

Basically planning to copy the Robonauts climber, maybe putting it on a pivot to fold it under the trench, maybe just not. eh.


I would disagree. Climbing the bar will be easy. The difficulty comes for some teams will be getting to where they want to be on the bar for leveling.
Also, given the time OP discusses, you are not accounting for line up time in this climb. Therefore 5 seconds seems fair.

It’s not too bad visuals. I forgot which station is which…


On a public poll about design decisions I would assume ~ 0% of responses are truthful.


Maybe their plan is to “be the buddy”?


Dono, this seems pretty accurate: image


The people saying visibility is not an issue I’m not sure have driven an FRC robot before. Depth perception is the #1 challenge a driver can face when dealing with alignment etc. 2018 was a great example of this as it was challenging without a POV camera to score sideways on the scale in an area that didn’t have cubes on it because you were relying on pure depth perception to line that up. Scoring into the correct portal last year on the cargo ship is another great example of needing depth perception to align correctly, and is the reason many teams scored in the wrong portal sometimes.

Teams are going to struggle more then they expect to be at the right position along the handle to climb where they would like to. Just because there isn’t an obstacle blocking your view does not mean its a cakewalk to tell where the robot is relative to a field element, especially one suspended above it.


I expect as drive coach, I’ll be at one corner of the driver area, instructing our driver how “deep” the robot is.

I answered the poll with our plans, not what we built. Because we haven’t build it yet, no prototype, nothing. It’s all still vaporware.


From @typeusernamehere’s post, it seems that only one of the driver stations is really terrible for depth perception for lining up to the rung. I would argue that because the rungs are at 45 degree angles to the center driver station, the depth perception challenge is at least a little easier than for example last year’s cargo ship. For lining up with the center, teams can also use the boundaries that form the cross in the middle.

Not saying it’s trivial, and probably will still take some time, but not as bad as it may initially seem. The real issue is most teams probably won’t build full generator switch field elements at home, so they likely won’t get to practice detailed lining up before their first competition.

#openalliance would beg to differ

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It’s a 22.5 degree angle from the center driver station, not 45 degrees.

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In addition to most teams not building a full generator switch, I think many won’t get practice lining up while looking across/past the opposing alliance’s robots. It looks like drivers in alliance station 1 and possibly 2 could have opponent robots trying to climb in their line of sight to the generator switch.

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We might end up mounting a camera that looks up at the bar and just use that to line up. Anyone saying positioning for the climb won’t be a problem isn’t being realistic. People had a hard time hitting a stationary bar right in front of them in 2018.

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