Poll: How far apart are your wheels?

  • Greater than 35 in
  • 34-35 in
  • 33-34 in
  • 32-33 in
  • 31-32 in
  • 30-31 in
  • 29-30 in
  • 28-29 in
  • 27-28 in
  • 26-27 in
  • Less than 26 in

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Our team is designing a ramp and it would be helpful to know what how wide most teams chassis are this year so that we can accommodate as many teams as possible. Thanks for your help!

Thanks for voting guys, it is very helpful!

From all of us planning on climbing your ramp, if you want to make the top of your ramp out of a material that has a low coefficient of friction, please cover it in something that isn’t as slick, we will be able to climb it more easily. Thanks!

We are definitely going to have a different material than the supports so that we have a high coeff of friction on the surface.

There are two ways of thinking about your question. From the context of your question it is pretty clear that you meant to ask about track width; however, “how far apart” could also refer to wheelbase.

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Whatever the KOP chassis is in the Square configuration

Are you asking for the distance between the inside faces, outside faces, or the midplane of the wheels?

Outside faces.