POLL: how many pages for hint thread?

a new record?
for now we’ve got 15 pages in less then 24 hours =]

edit: can a moderator add here more options please =]?

All hints start out like this, but without any new information, the thread will fade in a couple of days, either that or grow to epic proportions like some kind of Godzilla thread.:eek:

depends on how many posts per page you are set at.

Why is there no “too many” option :stuck_out_tongue:

Definatly more than in past years, because we now have discussion both interpreting the hint, and whether or not it is a hoax.

My vote would be <50 - it took a while to read the 15 pages before i could put up my own 2 cent post. Not worth it, really.

While it is one of the fastest growing thread on here currently, I agree that unless something amazing happens (or dave posts, whichever we endure first) it’ll slow to a crawl until the Kick-Off posting season begins.

I vote that measuring threads by the number of pages is a bad idea, since the number of posts per page is a user option.

Yes, it should be judged by posts per hour, not pages.

Right now, better than 10 posts/hour. 27 hrs and almost 300 posts. Ouch.

it depends on how you have your options set up, i set mine up so i see 100 posts per page, it’s much easier than reading 15, next page etc.

anyone else bother changing their options?

Do we now have to include both threads?