Poll: Human Players

After seeing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lRtC8wBUa0
I was wondering what your human players can consistently throw.

I have originally trained my human players to throw all three tubes between the tower and the wall, still in the safe zone. After seeing some videos however, I play on starting distance training tomorrow.

I love how everyone’s getting freaked out by a miracle shot.

It’s pretty easy to throw tubes into the scoring zone, you have to use a different technique than the video to do it though… On my first throw at the practice field, I got a square tube past the midline.

Not really freaked out, I would be if we had videos of someone scoring them consistently. I’m also going to assume your talking about rolling the tubes, this works great with the circle, good with the square, and not at all with a triangle. curse our field with 10 foot ceilings. I’m kind of glad I have not scene any feeder robots as I think by the end of the season human players will have taken over their roll.

I can’t imagine we will be seeing anyone throw tubes over the top after week 3, the tube can hit the wall in front of them, another bot, the minibot tower, or even fly out of the field.

too many things that can happen which would give your opponent control of the tube.

i predict that by the time this season is over a logo will be made by only human players at least once.

That would be amazing, I can’t see more then one tube scored by only a human player in any one match. Also I can’t see the triangles flying that far, only circles and squares.

Can see it and have seen it. The biggest issue I can see with completing logos is the ability of the HP to even score the tubes, let alone on the correct peg 3 times in one match. And then can they do it on the lowest pegs, middle pegs, or upper pegs? I would rather have them get the tubes into the scoring zone can have my robot put them on the top row than have the HPs score them low, at least until there is an alliance with three dominant robots.

Has anyone on 118 weighed in on whether or not it was actually a miracle shot? They cut immediately after it scores, but no one on the side of the field looks to be watching with much interest. His consistent (at least across the few videos they show) ability to land it right under a scoring peg makes it seem to me like they can do this with fairly frequently. When our human player accidentally scored a ringer on our practice field in 2007 we pretty much exploded.

I agree he won’t be scoring every match (or even every event), but putting them right under the peg consistently is a 71/469 style game changer.

I wouldn’t call it a miracle, but it’s not exactly frequent either. He’s done it 3 or 4 times and we’ve got two on video.

The goal isn’t to score the tubes, in fact we’d rather the robot score 'em so we can make sure it’s in the right position to make a logo. Consistency in getting them in the end zone is what we’re hoping for. Maybe the game will play out so that we don’t end up throwing… regardless, he’s got a pretty amazing arm and it’s fun watching him ring 'em on the pegs.