Poll Only?

Is there a way to make ‘poll only’ threads where no replies are allowed but votes bumps the topic for X days until the poll expires?


Nope, not without extensive hacking.

vBulletin is set up so polls are attached to threads.

Create a poll and have the mod close the thread immediately?

I’m not sure but that may also make it so you cannot vote in the poll.

Hi Pavan,

One thing that is very useful about the poll-thread connection, as I’ve found, is it’s a great way to get feedback on the poll. Sometimes there are unclear things you might not catch.

If you want no responses, just post the first reply indicating that it’s a poll for poll’s sake and you’d prefer limited discussion or something…courteous but results in the same thing.

Well I’m only asking because I’m used to IPB and they have an option to make a “Poll Only” topic and I was having some trouble finding it on vB. Thanks though.