Poll: Pick list strategy with Infinite Recharge - Mecanum Wheels

I’ve seen more threads than I would have hoped asking about mecanum wheels going over the multiple barriers on the field. I am making this thread to make a poll to see if my general assumption is correct about how mecanum wheeled robots will fare during alliance selection.

How will your team approach alliance selection regarding mecanum wheeled robots?

(I’m sorry if this should have been in one of the other threads, but I felt it should have been its own thread to get a better sampling of answers).

EDIT: I mean on the drivetrain, not on the intake

  • Will not factor into our decisions
  • Will be cautious, but still might pick
  • Will be counted against the team heavily
  • Auto DNP
  • Auto Decline (will decline higher seeded captain)
  • Will help towards getting picked
  • Might pick at lower levels of play, but not higher

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If I am picking teams for my alliance I only care about how many points you score not how you do it. If you can score 30 Power Cells and Hang with Mecanum then that’s great.
I use the FIRES Scouting system and we do track break downs, although a break down would mean you are not scoring points and therefore look worse to other teams that didn’t break.


Do you not plan on anticipating defense in the playoffs? It will surely be more prevelant than in qualifications, and playing under defense should be a big thing to consider.

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IMHO, defense is being highly overrated this game. Yes, there will be defense. But not the the extent of last year. The playing field is so open that unless you’re being pinned directly against something, you’ll be able to quite easily get out of defense. Yes, this will slow you down, but I really don’t think defense is going to make much of a difference in gameplay this year. I could be totally wrong,


See, that’s the thing. From our analysis, the SHIELD GENERATOR seems to be a giant choke point for tall bots that could be easily exploited like the space between the rocket and the cargo ship last year, and as well, getting to the trench will necessitate some heavy defense. At least that’s the read on the game we got.


Our team has seen defense this year as greater just due to the fact that if you can push a robot while they’re shooting it’ll disrupt their entire point scoring. It might be different ranges of robots from those short to go under the trench to taller, max hight, robots. It might not be as brutal but heavy play might be there. How well mecanum will faire is uncertain to me but anything’s possible for it.


I am perfectly fine with picking teams using mecanum wheels, as long as they can score consistently, hang, and have a good plan for tackling the 1 in. barrier issue.


Defense can take many different forms. I don’t need to push / pin / incapacitate a robot to lower their score.

Now if my strategy is based on one ball shooter and they have Mec, I may want to reconsider, but one ball scorer is an unwise strategy.

PSA: Please don’t build a mecanum robot this year. Mecanum wheels are for intakes, leave them there. Strafing does less to help you line up your shot as you get further away from the goal.


edited to clarify that i meant drivetrain before some smart aleck makes an intakes joke


I think defense will be much more important this year, especially with the relatively lax defensive rules. Any shooter is going to get pushed and disrupted from their shots if at all possible. A mecanum bot will need to have a highly specialized role in order to not fall prey to defense and will not likely be a good defensive bot itself. Our team loves our mecanum drives, but this year we’ll be going with a 6-wheel WCD.

I think 2014 begs to differ with the implication that a open field implies less defense.

I’m not necessarily saying that your evaluation of defense in this game is wrong (I’m not on a team this year and haven’t carefully thought through the game as much as I usually do), but I do disagree with citing an open field as an argument here.


Big thing I’m worried about on mec is speed.
The only positive thing we really found for mec is going to the trench and using the wall for alignment shooting.

We are considering a strong defence and a mac drive. The reason is, we are thinking that much of the effective defence (from the defender perspective) seems non-contact.

You combine that with the fact that this field is so tight, we think mec wheels might be an advantage.

There are many caveats to this strategy, and we are waiting on the larger mec wheels to test those. I agree (and I think my team does too), one of those caveats is that the bot should be short.

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I would highly recommend not building mecanum if you plan on being primarily a defensive bot. They become virtually useless to interfere with any route since they will just get bounced out of the way. Even if you plan on just stealing balls, other teams can just knock you out of the way when fighting for any type of field positioning.


We have a plan to deal with that. :slight_smile: The question we are working on, is the extra movement ability worth it in this game. As of right now, our answer is yes. But that may change quickly. Especially because we also need to drive over a sharp bump larger than 1 inch.

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Very curious to hear some rationale for your votes on mecanum drivetrains aiding in getting picked, especially with the current trend thinking otherwise.


Please look at all successful teams it is extremely rare for them to use mecanum. They only use it in very rare circumstances where the game is very conducive to that play style. I know you might have a plan for how to avoid fighting other teams, but with open fields it is always dangerous.

Wheel type won’t play (and hardly ever plays) a role in our picking. Generally I only care about on-field performance and if there are issues with a team. Granted, we’re going to a district event with 26 teams so the last few alliance captains choices will be taking whoever can move.

With that said, this year’s barriers are going to be brutal on those wheels so the on-field performance might take care of itself. But, if a team has some sort of strategy with mecanum wheels and is performing well and consistently in a manner that fits in with our team’s objectives I’d grab them.

I can see somebody doing a half-court strategy to rebound missed shots and scoot over to line up for a level climb with Mecanum wheels and score decent points consistently (I’m not advocating that but I wouldn’t rule that out as a strategy if you’re a mid-tier team).