Poll: Picking up tubes

How many teams are capable of picking up tubes off the floor?
Team 135
The Black Knights

Is there a “not yet” option? hahaha

Not yet =D
~Tyler Shulaw!

Our plan is actually to pick them up from the floor because at least for us, it is faster than going back to the Feeder. We can do both though.

are you planning on throwing the tubes over the wall or through the feeder?
Team 135
The Black Knights

It is in our claw design and we just have to make it work :wink: so not yet.

Our hope is that we can throw the circle and square almost 100% of the time down into the saftey zone, which we shouldn’t have to leave, and we can just pick them up and hang them. We can’t manage to throw the triangle as well, so we go to the Feeder to grab it.

Or get a teammate to ferry them for you!

Exactly what we are thinking!

We can consistently pick up tubes off the floor. If it’s within reach of our grabber we can pick a tube off the floor and retract our arm within 3/4 of a second(.75).

Once retracted, the arm and tube are complete inside our machines frame keeping it safe and secure from being knocked off, or our arm damaged inadvertently by other robots.

Now if we can only score that quick and easy. LOL! (it’s a work in progress)

We pick up tubes extremely well, If we did it any better we would crush the tubes lol.

Our gripper literally just sucks the tube up and holds it in a consistent position no matter how much it is hit. It uses a limit switch to make sure we did not suck the tubes in too far.
For us its pretty nice in that there is no real aiming/postitioning (other than driving towards it of course) required to grab the pieces, literally we just move towards it and it suck it up, it doesn’t even push it forward if we hit it. Which compared to our previous robots is a really nice feature.

Wow, I’m really surprised at the poll results. I think floor loading is great, but I guess the risks of defense (tube blocking), mechanism complexity, and putting a delicate mechanism out in the bumper zone didn’t bother anyone… Plus a human load will be placed specifically vs. grabbing a tube from the field under duress. I figured maybe 60-70%, but it looks like over 90% went with floor loading… :confused:

Not being able to pick up from the floor will be a crippling disability in this game.

why’s that?

  1. Human Players - I’ve seen human players do amazing things. Heck, our human player spent 5 minutes on the field, and he was launching tubes across the field. Picking up from the floor saves time, even for a fast bot.

  2. Traffic - The field is big, but with 6 moving bots, it can be smaller than one thinks. If you find yourself crossing the field to get a tube each time, I have a feeling you’re going to find yourself in an efficiency dropping traffic jam.

  3. Why limit yourself - Why limit yourself to the tubes that only your human player gives you? If the human players on the other alliance aren’t as good, and the tubes only go halfway, then why traverse the field to get the same tubes that are sitting right there?

  4. Oops - What if you are misaligned and drop the tube? Oops. This can be minimized with practice, but a ground loading robot can go back to the ground, and attempt to rescore the tube in a matter of seconds.

Perhaps crippling isn’t the right word. But I think only slot loading robots will be fighting a much harder battle.

  • Sunny

I also wouldn’t say crippling, but think back to 2005. The teams that were able to utilize the Auto-feeders to get their tetras had a big time advantage over teams that had to be human loaded.

No, crippling. Scoring 2 or 3 tubes versus eight or more.

Prediction: No robot that cannot pick from the floor will win a week 1 regional.

I have to disagree I think there’s room on a winning alliance for a defensive bot (maybe a dragonfly?). However I do think that the main scoring robots on the winning alliance will be able to floor load.

We don’t have a function arm yet, but I don’t see why not.