[Poll] Text Editor Used This Season

  • Vscode
  • Sublime
  • Vim(Or GVim)
  • Vim(Vscode Plugin)
  • Neovim(Command line or Graphical)
  • Emacs
  • Notepad ++
  • Spacemacs
  • Nano
  • Notepad.exe
  • Turbo C
  • Non-vim Vscode Plugin
  • Eclipse(refering to the text editor in Eclipse, not the IDE as a whole)
  • Other

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Just curious, did any of you use any alternative text editor for editing your code this season?

Hail Vim,
(tbh, I did use a Vim plugin in VScode for all season until I figured out how to use the gradle build flags with ycm for Vim autocompletion)

If you legitimately used notepad.exe I am utterly amazed.

What if you used most of the ide functionality of Eclipse (which is not an option that i see)

Could you please add IntelliJ IDEA to the list?


That’s no text editor. That’s a space station.


Marshall had a bad run in with Emacs when he was younger… can I request it be removed from the poll since it may result in some very bad memories resurfacing?

The real question we should all be asking is why “ed” isn’t on this list. It’s superior to all of these and legend has it that the emacs operating system was written in it.


No but I tried using google docs. I didn’t have access to a programming computer but school devices use docs.

Sufficed to say it didn’t end up very well.

I file that with trying to cad on a MacBook with a trackpad

Ngl, this actually works pretty well if you also have a 3D mouse (and are running Windows in one way or another ofc).
3D mouse + trackpad > No 3D mouse and normal mouse

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Yeah but no mouse…

And only a trackpad

We used VSCode in 2020, but we might be using IntelliJ IDEA next year with our possible transition to Kotlin from Java…

Since we do all of our code in Kotlin, we use Intellij IDE, which is in my opinion, the best IDE out there right now.

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I beg to differ.


I don’t care until you write a ros node in scratch…


Fortunately, ROS being an open source framework for communication and not a specific language (as programming languages are just stupid to have holy wars about when we can have them about text editors instead) already has some experimental work for this: http://wiki.ros.org/scratch

And you can even snag yourself a VM to play with it: https://github.com/Affonso-Gui/scratch3-ros-vm

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Ok, ok, I concede.


cat and redirection. Everything else is bloat.

Real programmers use a magnetized needle and a steady hand.


One of the vex teams that made it to State in my high school did that and then switched to the graphical version :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m surprised it wasn’t vim :laughing: