[Poll] Text Editor Used This Season

Our FTC programmer actually did that too and copy-pasted into onbot Java at our meets.

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Vim is the only real text editor in your list. The rest are all IDEs or operating systems.


I remember one time when someone ran find / -type f -print | xargs rm or at least functionally equivalent* on a SunOS 3 machine we were mostly using as a plotter driver circa 1993. All the executables lexically equal to or before /bin/rm were gone; rm removing itself conveniently killed the command. As a step of digging out of the hole, I wrote a cat shell script using sh intrinsics [both to build the script and within the script to read and echo each line]. I couldn’t even chmod+x it to run directly; I had to run it using sh -f cat [file]. My ls was echo *, and my ls -l was something like stat * [Yes, I really did this; not just making things up.] IIRC, I eventually used tar to restore a file I built on a similar system and moved to that computer using rsh. (rcp was toast, and these were pre-ssh/scp days!)

My favorite editor for interactive use is vim. I use the ex “:” commands about half as much as the visuals, to do ten+ times the work. I also use ex +'command' 'file' a lot when I want to do the same edits to a bunch of files.

* I know modern find searches by inodes rather than lexically; I’m not sure about early 1980’s BSD find. In any case, no one ever confessed, this is what I surmised from what was gone and what remained.

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