Poll: What swerve module will be on your competition robot?

@Skyehawk brought up a good point; that it’s, unfortunately, more about the supply chain than personal choice. So this poll may be more about what you could get your hands on. Regardless I am still curious.

  • Not Swerve
  • SDS MK4i
  • SDS MK4
  • SDS MK3
  • SDS (other)
  • Rev MAXSwerve
  • ARMABOT Differential
  • ARMABOT Simple/Micro
  • AM Swerve and Steer
  • WCP SS
  • Thrifty Swerve
  • WCP Swerve X
  • Non-COTS Swerve

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SDS MK2 for the win


I’ve been very impressed with the REV MAXSwerve. The track width is wide and the pods are small. Feels very smooth to drive. Big thumbs up for REV and 3005.

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