POLL: Who has the strangest sounding name in FIRST?

A Semi-scientific study to see who everyone thinks has the strangest name in FIRST. If you think you have a stranger name to add, reply and explain why you think this person’s name is strange.

EDIT: Guys, you can vote for more than one person!

NOTE: Winning names will (probably) win something special at IRI this year.

EDIT: I can’t spell. The CORRECT spelling is WOODIE Flowers. (Sorry!:yikes: )

Team name, or a persons name?

You have to let me post the poll first :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have to say Karthik. It is unique (and long).

Mind if I throw my name into the hat? (Telemarketers hate me.)

–William Jullian Leverette, Jr.

Oh, come on… how is Vblahblahblah stranger sounding than Kblahblahblahblahblahblah?? :smiley:

I think Karthik will overcome eventually.

Hm… interesting poll.


And I vote for Kanagasabapathy. Because not only can I spell it, I can SAY it. :slight_smile:

I now present: How To Pronounce Karthik’s Last Name.

To think about how it’s spelled: ka-na-ga-sa-ba-pa-thy. Or, kuh-nuh-guh-suh-buh-puh-thee. :wink:

To say it:
“Can of gas, have ap-athy.” (I hate when they get all ambitious.)
“Kan-a-gas, ab ap-athy.”

See? Anyone can do it. :slight_smile: I should have been an english teacher.

The Kang-something or other guy, definitely :wink: .

I’m gonna have to vote Karthik on this one. Really, only because I look at his name and my jaw drops. If by chance I get to actually meet him at Nats this year, I’m going to make him say it for me XD

Karthik! No doubts about it. I always look at his name and try to say it, but I’ve always gone: Kanagasabpidjfirejvirfg…Yeah.

Go Karthik! xD I’m making him say it for me, too, Sara. Take me along with you! <3

I voted for Karthik.
However, if we would have been voting for strangest person, Arefin woulda had my vote.

P.S. Just kidding, but not really :smiley:

I’m kinda suprised my name isn’t on here. Shu Song? come on…

Should I even be allowed to vote??
Since I am among the Odd Named FIRSTers?

YAY! New club!!! w00t!!

edit: found a way around not voting!! w00t…


Even though Im honored to make the list (for reasons which are quite obvious)

Karthik…hands down

There is no match for Karthik.

hahaha… pretty funny to see a thread about this topic.

… I made the list… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

my vote goes for Karthik. I am still trying to figure out how to pronounce his last name.

How did Bharat Nain, and Tom Bottiglieri missed the list?

bengi has the coolest name in the world to say

elgin is weird and so is his name
Karithik “The Hair” Canofgashaveapathy’s name give me a headache when i try to say it i nominate we all just start calling Karthik, “The Hair”
JVN’s name rocks but then agian so doesn anyone’s who has a hyphen in it :stuck_out_tongue:
woodie flowers always makes the rookie freshmen chuckle when they first hear it…

so my vote goes to Bengi, “The Hair” and Woodie

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :cool:

Karthik … looking at your last name … I’m wondering how you ever got your library card when you were a kid … you know where you have to write your full name in a box … did it even fit? or did they make special allowances for you?