Polotics, WAR... MTV

On M-TV the British Prime-Minister is answering questions that people in the audience from a large number a countries on the Topic of war… IM just kind of curious on what all of your opinions are war are (Hope this is a good spot to start this thread)… and what you think of our current president George Bush. MTV took a poll on if the countries in the UN are just interested in the Oil in Iraq, the turn outs on this poll were around 74% of the people believed it wasn’t and 26% of the voters believed it was.

My opinion on the whole situation is, I’m against the whole war Idea. I do agree that the US has reason for its actions, but going to war with Iraq SHOULD NOT be considered to be involved in the “War Against Terrorism”.

I’m just curious on the input of the people involved with this forum… so!!! post your opinions for everyone to read and find out whom else shares your opinion on this topic =)


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(Hope this is a good spot to start this thread)…


search for Iraq. You’ll find tons. 90% of them locked.