Poly Cord Roughing Up PVC

My team is using poly cord with PVC pulleys, and after running it for a short period of time, we saw that the PVC where the poly cord was running had become rough like the poly cord was eating away at it. Has anyone else had this experience? What’s the solution?

how much tension are you putting on the belts? are you shortening them to 10 % like mcmaster says? what color are the belts (green, orange, clear)?

I think mcmaster is suggesting something that is overkill with that 10% try decreasing the tension on the belts…from what I understand the green cord is harder and has a rougher surface, would switching belts be an option?

good luck


Did you know that you can take a piece of strong nylon string and cut pvc with it? I saw it work on an episode of ‘This Old House’. It’s probably the same principle here, and the cord is simply taking tiny piece by tiny piece away from the pvc as it rotates.

we found out that more tension fixes the problem of the cord roughing up the pvc