Poly Cord / rubber roller tubes?


So i know it as poly cord, but im not sure if that is the correct name. It is colorful plastic cord about 1/4 dia. I know a bunch of teams used this in 2006 (ie 1114 and 111) to transport balls. My team hasnt ever used it but I would like some input on good sources to order from.

Also I’m pretty sure it can be bought in pre-determined lengths (already in a loop) or in a spool where you connect the two ends. My team is debating over which is better or even if these are two options. I’d love some feed back from teams that have used this stuff in the past. Maybe links to good places to find it.

Thanks in advance

You can probably find polycord at mcmaster-carr. As for loop vs. spool, I think spool is better because you can get an exact length that you need that they may not have in a pre-formed loop. I doubt that there is any performance difference between the two options though.

If you search “poly cord” on mcmaster’s website it should bring it right up.


We have been playing with polyurethane chords for the last couple of days, they have great grip on the balls and are really easy to work with.

To join lengths of it we cut the two ends at an angle to increase the surface area of the joint, and melt them together with an oxy acetylene jewelry torch. I’m sure a retired soldering iron would do the trick as well.

Other teams from 2006 mentioned melting the poly cord using a lighter and achieving excellent results. Here is a similar thread which may answer many of your questions:

is polycord similar to grip of surgical tubing?

I would say surgical tubing is grippier, but it stretches substantially more. It also isn’t near as durable. A system made with surgical tubing may be cheaper at first, but I imagine a very nice surgical tube system couldn’t perform on par with a very nice round belt system. I’ve also heard of several teams who’s 06 robots are still running with the original belts, something that would never happen with surgical tubing.