Poof Ball?

Does anyone know where i can find a place to purchase the POOF 7 inch ball

Best deal I have found so far:

PlayChild.com $3.95 each


I am told I had the wrong kind of ball. These are the correct balls.

I was just about to post this!


Hmm, I never thought it would be this hard to come by these. At my local toy shops (and WalMart) they only have the unskinned kind. Gargh!

$3.95 at PlayChild.com - best deal i’ve seen


I have already check 3 wal-marts (they carry a lot of other poof balls), Toys R Us, and Target, nobody seems to carry them.

I have a feeling that we’re about to deprive the world of Poof balls for a while.

This is for the 4" inch basketball, not the 7".

Does anyone know how much they weigh?

GO 1403!!!

Playchild.com appears to be sold out of poofballs already. They should restock and we should recieve them by the time we need them though. p.s. playchild ships free over 49 bucks, so order at least 13!

Poof is a popular low cost supplier to replace Nerf. Lots of small, locally owned toyshops carry poof products, where as larger retailers may still have contracts with Nerf that limit their inventory.

I suggest that you go to a local toy store, and if they carry poof products, inquire about their ability to buy the right ball for you, perhaps at wholesale cost for you.

-Andy A.

Anyone else notice it’s #4 on the playchild.com best seller’s list, and rising?

hahaha I was on playchild.com and refreshed…it shot from #4 to #2. Also it seems like people are buying the 7" soccer ball as well, its at #3 (hope its a legit substitute). What concerns me is that the 4" poof ball is also rising on the list, meaning people are ordering the wrong ball :eek:

playchild.com is out of 7" Poof balls, I repeat out of 7" Poof balls! :frowning:

KBAcoach.com seems to have them for 6/$37.50 (12 for $75), or at least they did not tell me my order was backordered.


Good Luck!!


Despite their website & customer service center telling me otherwise when I called… I managed to find two at Toys’r’us (Said they had no more in the backroom. Not sure whether or not to trust that either…)

But we now have atleast 3 to play with till our online order comes in.

tonight we talked to a management at a local walmart and they are hoping to get a mass amount of these specific balls *NO. 850" the 7" foam basketballs… and retail price for the 7" SOFT foams balls not same density or skinned for 2.97$/ea so we are hoping to get around the same low price…

*if you are in CT and are looking for these balls we are hoping to find out by monday at the latest about these… so send me a PM and ill reply as soon as i know…

Playchild.com shows the price at $5.95 now

It seems as if due to the instant popularity of the poof balls, play child has increased the price!