Pool Noodle Rollers?

Over the years I’ve seen quite a few rollers that utilize pool noodles, but have never been sure how they work exactly. We played around with them during prototyping and hot glued/epoxyed the noodle to some conduit and it worked pretty well for a while but over time has come apart. I was wondering if anybody had some tricks for doing a roller this way?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Add drawer liner, and it shouldn’t come apart.

We used pool noodles in 2010 and it worked great without shredding with a spiral duct tape added to it.
Now, its strictly ABS plastic machined with an aluminum hub.

Like double sided duct tape on the inside of the pool noodle?

Thanks for the quick responses!

How exactly did you secure the drawer liner between the shaft and the pool noodle? Did you just wrap it around the shaft, and then wrap the pool noodle around?

No, actually, its taped on the outside spiraling about 3/4-1 inch apart to allow the pool noodle to grip while having the tape lessen the damaging effect on the noodle.
We havent tried to do the same thing again this year, so cant really say whether it’ll be effective on freesbies or not.

Good luck.

Misread the question, in 2011 we had troubles with the pool noodle ripping apart. To secure it to the shaft we just covered the shaft with E6000 (i think alone that would have held), also we ran 2 threaded aluminum poles through the pool noodle about an inch in from each end. Then wrapped the pool noodle in drawer liner to cover the potentially exposed metal.