Pool Noodles Attached To Robots

At our first qualifier we saw robots with pool noodles that flung outward after autonomous. For the remainder of the match, they were just stretched out from the robot, seemingly serving no purpose.

What is there purpose?

To ensure that a part of the robot is breaking the plane of the switch wall, to avoid launching penalties.

We have something very similar on our robot.
Ours is made of very flexible and thin lexan.

Its for “breaking the plane” so that you do not get a penalty for launching the cube.

the noodle extends out the maximum 16 inches

kind of a quirk in the rules if you ask me.

I had heard about the team update when it was posted, and I saw the thread about it on here… Is there a better explanation of exactly what the plane is, using a picture? I’ve looked at the glossary, but I’m still not sure what the FENCE is either.

The fence is the 19” high wall that surrounds the switch. The plane mentioned is a virtual and vertical extension of the lexan that makes up the walls of the switch.