Pool Noodles

We have been trying to locate pool noodles for our buper without much success. Any idea of a good place to find them or an acceptable alternative?

If you’re planning on using the 15 extra “bumper pounds”, there is no alternative. You must make the bumpers as specified in <R37>.

We ordered ours from poolproducts.com at the beginning of the season (with 150"-200" of snow each season, everyone around here stops selling pool noodles in July). It was $89.99 for a case of 20.

$1.50 each at Walmart in warm climates…we got ours a couple weeks ago.

Do you know anyone with a swimming pool? If you do I’ll bet they have some.

Thanks for the quick response. We were hoping there was something simple that we were over-looking, but it looks like we will just have to figure something out.

I would definitely spend the time to get the right stuff or else it is considered “custom bumpers” and it is counted in the weight and that’s 15 pounds that will really make a difference

The cheapest ones that we have found that are “regulation” size are here. $3.99/noodle.

We got ours at Target for about $1.50 each.

hey you can try here:


search for the store near you, call them and they will tell you if they have.

Good luck for your team.

At the risk of advertising, the Target where my daugher works (Michigan) got theirs in the day after we bought ours - after looking/calling about 4 pool places.

speaking of bumpers, we are having problems with making some that go all the way around our bot, and still remaining in the weight requirement. has anyone “swiss cheesed” their plywood or anything like that in order to make the weight? thats our only hope and we feel it will jepordise our bumper’s sturdiness. so any ideas are welcome

You shouldn’t be having weight problems. You’re allowed 15 pounds. Ours came in at about 13. We used 1/16" thick 3/4" angle aluminum to hold the fabric, with 6-10 screws per edge. 2" (x 1/4) carriage bolts going through the plywood, 2 on the ends, 3 on the sides.

Make sure you’re using plywood, not particle board. That stuff is heavy.

Don’t swiss cheese it. That could make your bumpers non-standard. Last year we used 1/4" think aluminum around the edges, and were a little overweight so we milled out part of it. One of the inspectors wasn’t going to let us go with that.

yeah, thanks dude. we got it taken care of. we just couldn’t have bumpers all the way around the bot. a few minor fixes and we were good to go.