pool tube aggression

are we allowed to use the pool tubes to, say, knock the tubes off opponents arms? or even more use the teams arm to prevent the opponent from picking up ringers?

just wondering for aggressions sake.

Probably be counted as your robot doing it, based on past precedent. They haven’t said as much this year in my “hearing”. It used to be that if you had something in possesion, it was counted as part of your robot.

i think that there is but since i cant seem to find it is there any specific rule that states that removing a game piece from an opponents alliance robot is not allowed?

I can’t find it either, but it’s not listed under <G08> and I’d suspect that <G35>, points 2 and 3, and <G37> and <G38> might ban it (taken together as a whole). However, I think you should ask Q&A.

I don’t think this is true this year because if you are holding a tube on your arm and it is not part of the 72" rule, also when discussion of getting on top of tubes to get bonus points they were determined to be part of the field not part of the robot. but thats just my opinion

They will most likely not allow intentional contact anywhere around a robots arm because it could be damaging to the robots.

wouldnt that aggression be a big thing this year? i mean even with the 2005 game where there wasnt contact very much arms stil got tangled and broken. with this years game they even have bumpers. still think that there will not likely be any contact with the arms? i think there will be a lot of contact simply to be extra competitive.

but i digress.

anyone think that stealing a pool tube from the oopponent would pull a yellow card?

You’re forgetting two key things, the spirit of the rule and what I see as a referee. If you’re aggressive with a tube you’re still being aggressive the way I see it and would be punished accordingly. The second thing is, if I’m a ref and I see you knock over a robot, even though you hit it with a pool tube i’m going to call you being aggressive.

Lastly they have rules talking about fighting over a pool tube in a robots posession. If you cause damage or knock over a robot while fighting for a tube its considered aggressive play.

Don’t try to bend the rules just to be more aggressive it doesn’t help anyone in my opinion.

ok number 1 i have been asking all along if anyone can find a specific rule peventing us from removing pool tubes from the opponents robot. how can i go against the spirit of a rule if the rule doesnt exist in the first place"no pun intended". second we dont mean knocking over other robots with a pool tube. we mean like knocking the arm away from the rack and preventing the opponents from scoring. uyou know like blocking in footbnall or basketball, good defense is a good offense as EricH’s sig says.

In 2005 we had a very secure grabber as seen here.

We could hold a tetra like in the picture and push people’s arms/tetras as they were trying to score and it made a rather good defenseive robot that year because.

On a few occasions we tipped the other alliance (team 330), but this wasn’t on purpose and they were able to get up very easily.

Not once throughout two regionals and championships did we get called for a penalty; If this stays about the same, we can probably play defense with an arm/torroid if it is purely for intereferance and not for destruction.