Poor GP?

I think the answer to this question is obvious, but I need to ask it anyway.

Teams are allowed to play defense within the rules. Many teams design specifically for that. A good designed robot can shut down a #1 robot to zero points. This effectively makes the defensive robot very valuable to a championship caliber alliance.

What if the defensive design was for the robot to park itself in front of the opposing alliance drivers station and some how entirely block the view of the human drivers of a specific (#1) team? This would effectively shut down that teams ability to score.

Is this poor GP or amazing strategy? Would it be praised, or shunned? Would you get picked or black listed?

I have been on the bad end of this before. A student in a state wide competition was getting booed by crowd for a successful “back door” design. It was like the British saying that the Colonial use of sniper tactics was unethical.

Please advise.

This idea has already been beaten to death in this thread:

It seems like it is generally frowned upon. In any case, not being able to expand beyond 72x72 outside the home zone this year would make this a pretty difficult strategy.


Yeah, so you technically could, it seems, but it wouldn’t be failproof, and you’d not exactly be in the best light with everyone else.

For the record, this question was posed to the GDC the very first year of alliances. It was deemed illegal and not in the spirit of the competition. I’m pretty sure it’s come up every other year or so after that, and it has been repeatedly deemed illegal.