Poor Jester

So our poor bot suffered a loss at the end of finals. In our run in finals, poor Jester got mangled. One of the linkages between the bottom turntable and the motor that turned it definitely got destroyed. It was incredible. The metal bent and looked awesome. Supposedly it maxes out at 250 lbs of force before it bends and breaks… i think that we ummmm, went over 250 lbs… :eek: o well… now we have to repair it for post-season comps… more 'botics fun…

Yea Jester! We may have been damaged, but we’ll be ready to win the post-comps that we’re going to. Long Live the Jester, baby!

i would like to thank you guy’s for helping us out in the match we were paired together, 87pts!!! only 3 shy of our highest score at our regional. You guys ROCK!!!