Pop-up menus in Chrome

I mostly use Google Chrome these days for browsing. When I visit CD, I find that the features that normally have JavaScript pop-up menus (e.g. search, the new posts tab, thread tools) in other browsers are not showing up as such in Chrome.

My guess is that vBulletin isn’t properly recognizing Chrome as a browser capable of rendering these pop-up menus, and is therefore reverting to safer, static HTML. Is there anything that can be done about this? Not a major issue, by any means, but if there’s a quick fix…

its because chrome is still in the beta phase so it doesn’t support some of the most common web technologies yet. I used it for about a month and i love it but i needed the support, that and i had a few crashes and lost all my tabs.

I would suggest going back to your previous browser until Google releases a full version.

No, Chrome’s Javascript engine can fully handle the CD drop down scripts.

The reason why it doesn’t work in Chrome is because every time you visit a web page, your browser, operating system, ip address, and a few other pieces of data are sent to the web server. vBulletin, the forum software that generates all the pages here on CD, checks the browser and version info sent to it with every page request.

Since some older browsers cannot fully render the Javascript or CSS, vBulletin generates “simpler” pages if it either finds these or if it cannot ascertain what you are using. Since Chrome is so new, I’m pretty sure that vBulletin doesn’t even know it exists yet. So when it receives a request, it doesn’t know that Chrome can handle the Javascript, so it resorts to being safe by going with a simple page.w

If you use Firefox, you can test this by going to about:config and changing the user agent. Then visit Chief Delphi and none of the drop down menus will work. (Just be sure to keep an exact copy of the user agent to restore when you are done, otherwise some websites may not work the way you expect them to).

I’ll see if I can manage an upgrade this weekend, which should hopefully fix this problem.