Pope in America

I know with Atlanta this weekend everyone kinda focused on that but just wondering what you think or even if you knew that the Pope was visiting at the White House today. In fact watching it on FOX as I type.
Not since Jimmy Carter (I know… Jimmy who…) was president has a Pop come to the US and Pope Benedict XVI is only the second to ever have visit the US.
IMHO its kinda awesome… Bush needs a good talking to and when the Pope speaks everyone listens! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope the Holly Father enjoys his trip and brings some good things our way :smiley:

definatly agree and yes its freakin sweet that such A high ranking oficial in in religion would come to the US

i heard 2day is his bday…but i may be mistaken…

No sir you are correct. He is 81 today and they sang happy birthday to him at the White House and had a lemon birthday cake there for him too.

hahaha my class was in DC when the pope was there!!! Just thought id put that out there! hahah:D

Did you get to see him?

Pope John Paul II visited the United States seven times between 1979 and 2004.

No sadly we didnt but we did see the huge crowd of people that were there to see him. Man there were a lot of people there! Crowds are over rated! lol

VIVA LA PAPA!!! (thats Italian…)

Yes he did, I remember the “superstar” treatment he received at MSG but the only visit to the White House was his first trip to the US.
I will say as much as I loved John Paul… I can understand what this one says better.

Long live Pope Benny! :smiley:

-p :cool: