Popular Finger Lakes Regional Comedian Dies.

From a headline article in today’s Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Gentle comedian Glover dies
By Jeff Spevak • Staff music critic • April 9, 2008

“Kenneth “Tiny” Glover, a big comedian with a big heart for people, particularly kids, died unexpectedly Sunday morning in Illinois when that big heart apparently gave out.”


“Tiny” was the popular comedian at the Finger Lakes regional making several appearances as part of the team social. He was known for his clean comedy and his ability to relate to children, teens and young adults.

I know that I saw him perform several times in different arenas and he was always well received and enjoyed.

He will be missed in Rochester and beyond.

Oh my god.
Tiny was a friend of mine.
I had nio idea this happened.
What terrible news.

He actually was one of my summer camp counselors in elementary school. I remember seeing him last year after first meeting Cynette. He was really full of energy and kept everyone laughing with his amazing sense of humor.

I remember going to the inaugural Finger Lakes Regional and seeing him do his comedy routine. He was one of the funniest comedians I have ever heard, and it is a shame to hear that he passed away.