Popular Science!

Hehe, just a heads up to Team 395, you are on Popular Science! (lucky I guess =P) Along with Dean Kamen, the segway, and his really cool wheel chair

Do you have any links?

Its in Junes issue…

Its a great article, i tried to find it online but i was unsuccessful.

Glad to see/ hear about FIRST in magazines !

I got it too! That’s a good article… told me allot about Dean that I wouldn’t have imagined. Who knew he owned an island? I also like that FIRST as a whole is getting more and more coverage and publicity. Not to mention this could potentially give lucky team 395 a good Chairman’s boost…

(I also really liked the article on the new unmanned tank, that thing looks sick beyond words! Imagine being able to fly like NASCAR through the woods…)

I’m reading said article now, If I were you I’d run to the nearest store and grab a copy. :slight_smile:


Popular Science
Robotic Adventures at the FIRST Competition-


Im going to go off on a tangent for a sec. Does anybody know when the Pop Mech article that they shot pictures for at nationals is going to be published? I’ve been looking forward to reading that one…

i want to see more of FIRST in ROBOT magazine… or MAKE…

the article in POPSCI was still great though.


That was cool! We were so excited to be one of the teams on the field when Dean came by and PM started taking pics. Some of Dean’s poses with our roobt looked pretty darn awesome; can’t wait to see it.