Popular Sensor Use in FRC [Poll]

Hey guys. My team is doing presentations on how other teams do things, learn from the best and all. I was assigned to research sensors/electronics. I made a basic Google Form to collect data about what other teams do in regards to sensors in such, if you could take a quick moment to fill it out a little I’d be very grateful :slight_smile: https://forms.gle/3NXEp5TWsqjsMHay7

You have a couple of required fields that shouldn’t be required. The “How/Why on #5” and another one after that. I filled those in with a single letter to get it to submit.

Fixed. Thank you for notifying me.

I put in responses for my team but definitely feel free to reach out to me if you need any info on gyros or other inertial sensors. I’m one of the two main support contacts for all of the Analog Devices FRC specific sensor boards and have a couple articles up aimed at FRC teams on how to use them effectively that I’d be more than happy to share. One of our applications and marketing engineers is also holding a conference on Friday at both Champs events on inertial sensors as well if that would be of any help to you.

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I hope this is not hijacking the thread too much if I ask: for those using Pigeon IMU, how did you find the yaw drift compared to the NavX? Did temperature calibration help? How long did the temperature calibration take you?

Our team has used:

  • navX
  • Pigeon IMU
  • Sharp IR sensors (Analog output)
  • HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors (2 DIO’s each - do not particularly recommend)
  • we have begun experimenting with an i2c based LIDAR

Edit: I found the link to the responses. You can see them after you fill out the poll.
@Lord_Tytler Once you get some responses, can you make them public? I’m really interested in the results.

Ill make the responses more easily accessible when I start going through responses

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