Popup alerts on new rep clicks?

Perhaps I’m nuts for suggesting a change to the reputation system, especially after my repeated mentions of its insignificance in the grand scheme of things. That said, I do check my rep frequently, partially because I like getting feedback from folks, and partially because some folks (myself included) will use a neutral rep click as a one-line PM.

Is there an easy way to get a javascript alert, similar to the new PM one, when we have a new rep click? (If it’s more trouble than it’s worth, don’t sweat it.)

I was actually considering adding RSS feeds for that … maybe an optional pop-up could be cool too. Anybody interested in either?

I find that it’s the first thing I check when I log on. I think it would be pretty neat.

The popup would be nice, I think RSS is overkill, it’s not THAT important to me.

yeah a popup telling you that you have another rep point is a great idea, I use the popup alert for when I get PMs and its extremly useful, I usually can get a response back within 5 minutes if i’m online at the time.

know what else would be great? with each new + rep point you get 10 airline miles on your Visa or MasterCard

(as long as we are in ‘ask Santa’ mode today :^)

LOL, Ken. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d appreciate it. I always make checking for new rep part of my visit to CD, because, like Bill, I enjoy having someone give me feedback. The neutral rep as PM would be even more useful if we had a pop up, as you can ensure they see it… for instance, when you (Brandon) asked me to try what I had been having a problem with again. It’s perfectly possible that it would take me a week to notice.

RSS maybe overkill. But if it’s easy, hey! I’d stick it on my Google homepage. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use either.


Great idea…

Could you make mine say something appropriate. Eg,

You’ve just been ripped by CarborundumMan. Do you want to pay them back now, or wait till later?

:wink: :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wow… again with this reputation stuff… If you all knew how some of us got so high in the reputation sount, you would be amazed… lol It’s called rep wars and I’m sure (if you were a mod) you can see it’s effects on the server when we do it… We haven’t done it in a while though.

Anyways, I would rather have a pop-up in place when someone spotlights my posts to see what people think is cool enough to be featured in 8pt font at the top of the page… :slight_smile:

Same here. If I wanted pop ups I’d disable the Google toolbar. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be more interested to hear CD Media is finished than the rep system is getting worked on. I can see where some people may be interested in this though, maybe you should add a poll to this thread. It may be easier to keep track on where people stand and if it’s worth it if enough people are interested.

I agree with Elgin about spotlighted posts. I was pretty sad when it took nearly 750 posts before something I said got spotlighted. (but then again, early on I posted alot in ChitChat)

I also agree with Jay in thinking that CD Media takes preference over small things like pop-up windows to say something to the effect of “You’ve got Rep!” or “You got Spotlighted!”

I think this would be a good idea. When you’re someone like me (with few posts and not much reputation), checking for new rep once every visit is overkill, but by the same token, they’re rare enough for us less-verbose members of the forum that I wouldn’t want to miss one. A popup would be an easy compromise. On top of that, it would give me five more seconds each day to make valuable contributions to the forums during the time I would be checking for new rep! :wink: