Portable FIRST LEGO League table from AndyMark!

AndyMark just shared a sneak peek of a table that splits into three parts. It’s on their Twitter and Facebook (AndyMark, Inc. - Home | Facebook) feeds.

Image of Table


That looks more substantial than the folding one and should accommodate Field Models that are supported by the walls. Depending on what they make it out of, one person should be able to transport it on their own, one piece at a time. It may also be possible nest the three pieces and transport them in the space in front of the rear seats of a compact car. I was able to do that with this one that I built a couple of years ago.

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More Information about our table is now available here!

Pre-sales open next week and they will begin shipping in about a month!

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That looks pretty good.

Are the walls made from hollow plastic tubes?

There appear to be L-shaped pieces that align the walls of one section with the walls of another. What holds the sections together?

Can the table be moved as one piece after assembly?

One of the photos shows a latch mechanism at the corner of two walls. Is this for locking two tables together?

The webpage for the product states that it is shipped dissassembled. Does this mean it is shipped in the three pieces or does the customer have to assemble the walls onto the table surfaces?

Great questions!

Yes, the walls are hollow plastic tubes that are similar in dimension to a wood 2x3.

There are dowel pins that locate the MDF sections together and as you noted aluminium L brackets that locate the walls together. The L brackets have rivet nuts in them, when the sections are put together a philips screw can be installed up through the bottom into the rivet nut locking the sections together. The table can definitely be carried by two adults once assembled. There are even little hand hold pockets on the bottom to help with this. We have done some destructive testing in this configuration and you do really have to try to break it.

Yes, the latch comes pre-installed in the tube and is designed to lock into an adjoining table for competition use.

To save as much as possible on shipping costs the table is shipped partially disassembled and the customer installs the walls onto the MDF with the included hardware, allen wrench and assembly instructions. Rivet and rivet nut installation is done by us.

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Cool product!
Just to nitpick, how apparent are the gaps on the table when the field is setup? The slight bump on the table might make all the difference when it comes to robot performance.

The design is intended to keep these gaps very minimal, and we have done a LOT of design work to ensure this is kept as small as possible as we understand just how critical a flat surface is to robot performance. Many of us are FLL alumni ourselves!


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