Brandon-Can we get the portal back that showed all the newest posts, news, pictures, white papers, etc. Maybe Im just retarded and its there, or maybe youre working on it.


Been real busy/lazy lately, and haven’t had as much time as I had planned to work on vB3. The portal will be back soon.

yay we need the portal i am sooo lost with out it, does that make me a newb?

Huh. Does that make me weird that memorized the numbers for each of the forums so I can just type in the URL? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. Or the rest of us are wierd and you are normal.

its baaa-aack… :slight_smile:

motivation is nice.


Thank you brandon
:leaps into Brandon’s arms, gives him a big wet kiss:

Tytus, that is just awful.

I must admit, i was at a loss without the beloved portal. Thanks a million Brandon.

Get ready for kickoff!!!

thanks for all your great work…

you’re welcome, but not *that *welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank you Brandon, I think I’ll refrain from a Tytus imitation (no offense Ty, just not my style).

THANK GOD ! THE PORTAL IS BACK. BRANDON YOU ARE A swell guy…sorry little excited

Anyone else really enjoying this post for ironic reasons?

How about you Mr. Marcus? :wink:

Thanks Brandon… everything looks great!

Great work (like usual), its really coming together now.

“I hate that Brandon Marcus.” Brandon Martus

sorry about that brandon i will be good :x