Portland anyone??

So, I was just curious as to who here is in the Portland, Oregon regional?

Woo, team 1510 is. We’re rookies, but I think we can put up a good fight.

This is only our second year at the competition, and only one person from last year is on the team again this year. Team 1258! Woot! Only 2 weeks!!!

Team 488 will be there with X.

I could tell you, but then I’d have to … well, you know.

You can find the Official List here.

Team 957 will be defending its share of the Regional Title at Portland and hoping to regain the Chairman’s Award, which we won in 2003 at the Seattle version of the Pacific Northwest Regional


Team 955 will be there to win the Regional Autodesk Visualization Award, if we haven’t won it in Sacramento first. :slight_smile: I won’t be going to Portland, so I’ll be missing out on plenty of actions.

Team 492 will also be there to defend the regional champion title.

Good luck to all the teams going!

I will be at portland, Inspecting robots, judging websites and spectating. So say hi if you see me.

We were there last year :D, we were first with 492 and 957.
I know team 492 will be going back. How’s it going Cheuk (and everyone else i didnt have the pleasure of meeting)?

I can’t wait to see you guys again…team 360 is coming with…more orange apron goodness?

…that will have to do because I can’t find a picture of the robot right now :frowning:

I’m excited! Our team leaves on Wed. for the Portland Regional! Yay!! :yikes: :yikes: :smiley: :smiley:

Will do! Wait >.> I already did ^^

Hey, I’m in Portland! I hope someone will pick our robot to be in alliance with em. We never got a chance to shine… We’ve probably experienced almost every problem that exists.

We have practically rebuilt the whole robot there on the arena and on the last match (last Qualifying match of the day), when we finally got everything working! The radio fell out LOL… (Someone forgot to tie it down) :ahh:

It was a crazy day; I hope the robot works tomorrow, so we can prove that we aren’t a piece of Junk. Our robot (if stays at current condition) should able to stack tetras on the center goal with 100% accuracy. :rolleyes:

i’m from 1087… i’m the gorilla… i noticed that there was a chicken AND a dog too. they TOTALLY took that idea from me. if you see a gorilla give it a big hug.

Calvin, 1624, 1441 and others who had minor issues with their robots, You guys did an awesome job. As an inspector, I was extreamly happy to see that every team at PNW regional was inspected by friday morning. 95 % of the teams were inspected without any problems on thursday. All teams at Portland had an amazing showing on thursday and friday. As far as I have seen on/off the field all terms have done extreamly well.
1624 girls scout team pretty much had to rewire and redesign their gripper to fit within the rules and with the help of other Gracious teams had a working robot by friday morning. The last two days have been great and i can’t wait for the the final one.

While I was reffing I saw extreamly few penalites. Clearly the teams have been extra carefull at this weeks competition.

Good luck to all the teams tomorrow and at other regionals around the states.
btw: don’t forget to smile for my camera on/off the field.


I wish we could have been there this year :(… Good luck to all that are competing!

Oww… ow, I was a few inches from you :slight_smile:
A friend with me, gave you a handshake, if you can remember… lol

Hey, were you the team with orange aprons?? aliance team 1258 here, we competed together with you in the last round… that is, if you are the team I think you are. with you ^^

Our programmer, Hyashi-san, helped the girl-scouts team with their wiring.
We did quite well, I think. I am having a lot of fun. ((By the way, I am from team Celetor.))


PS. I said Hi to you Akshay like you told me to! :slight_smile: