Portland Regional Competitors!

Just wondering what teams will be in attendance at the regional this weekend.
Where are you from?
What will your strategy be?

3070 will be road tripping from WA to be there.
Our bot has a kicker and a lifter, playing offensive.

Here’s the information via www.thebluealliance.net

2046 Bear Metal will be there. Our robot has a strong kicker, good ball handling device and an articulating wheelbase for traversing the bumps. Our main strategy was for playing in the far and middle zones kicking soccer balls back to our home zone if not into our goals from there. a brief video can be seen at our website: www.tahomarobotics.org

8 The Vikings Palo Alto, CA, USA
360 The Revolution Tacoma, WA, USA
368 Team Kika Mana Honolulu, HI, USA
488 Team XBot Seattle, WA, USA
753 High Desert Droids Bend, OR, USA
847 PHRED Philomath, OR, USA
948 NRG (Newport Robotics Group) Bellevue, WA, USA
949 Wolverine Robotics Bellevue, WA, USA
955 CV Robotics Corvallis, OR, USA
956 Eagle Cybertechnology Corvallis, OR, USA
957 SWARM Albany, OR, USA
997 Spartans Corvallis, OR, USA
1318 Issaquah Robotics Society Issaquah, WA, USA
1425 Error Code Xero Wilsonville, OR, USA
1432 Franklin Robotics Portland, OR, USA
1510 Wildcats Beaverton, OR, USA
1515 MorTorq Beverly Hills, CA, USA
1540 Flaming Chickens Portland, OR, USA
1571 Braught Wurst Gresham, OR, USA
1595 Dragons Spokane, WA, USA
1700 Gatorbotics Palo Alto, CA, USA
1778 Chill Out…! Mountlake Terrace, WA, USA
1823 The New Victorians portland, OR, USA
1983 Skunkworks Des Moines, WA, USA
2002 Tualatin Robotics Tualatin, OR, USA
2046 Bear Metal Maple Valley, WA, USA
2130 Alpha+ Bonners Ferry, ID, USA
2147 Agent Eagle Spokane, WA, USA
2192 YAK Attack Newport, OR, USA
2374 Crusader Bots Portland, OR, USA
2411 Rebel @lliance Portland, OR, USA
2471 TEAM Mean Machine Camas, WA, USA
2517 Green Wrenches Vancouver, WA, USA
2521 SERT Eugene, OR, USA
2522 The Royals Bothell, WA, USA
2542 Go4bots Gresham, OR, USA
2550 OCPRO Oregon City, OR, USA
2557 SOTA-Bots Tacoma, WA, USA
2605 Sehome Robotics Bellingham, WA, USA
2635 Lake Monsters Lake Oswego, OR, USA
2733 Pigmice Portland, OR, USA
2811 StormBots Vancouver, WA, USA
2865 ROBOTEKNIX Post Falls, ID, USA
2898 Flying Hedgehogs Beaverton, OR, USA
2910 Jack in the Bot Mill Creek, WA, USA
2915 Riverdale Robotics Pandamonium Portland, OR, USA
2922 Lions Concrete, WA, USA
2951 Benson High Robotics Club Portland, OR, USA
2990 Hotwire Turner, OR, USA
3013 Zombots Vallejo, CA, USA
3024 Grizzlies Ashland, OR, USA
3070 Team Pronto Shoreline, WA, USA
3131 Gladiators Gladstone, OR, USA
3145 TeraViks Coeur d’Alene, ID, USA
3165 Tigers newberg, OR, USA
3188 Tawheed Robotics Portland, OR, USA
3192 Tiger Bytes Tigard, OR, USA
3210 Falcons Hillsboro, OR, USA
3213 Thunder Tech Tacoma, WA, USA
3223 Cougars Silverdale, WA, USA
3311 KBOT Klamath Falls, OR, USA

Team 956, Eagle Cybertechnology will be there!! Look for the red shirts!

Our robot performed nicely at scrimmage; we demonstrated that we can go over the bumps, under the bumps, and score (kicker). All based off of a nice little collection of steel plates/etc. to prevent tipping!

We’ve planned to be able to play in any zone…we’ve got two kicks, long and short, for different distances.

See you there!

Hiyah, Team 2865 Roboteknix, here. We’ll be flying down from Northern Idaho.
Our bot Michelangelo has a kicker and custom mec wheels. We’re playing midfield, with backfield capabilities.

Saw your robot at the practice field… going over the bumps it looked very smooth. Good luck in Portland!

Unfortunately we’re only doing Seattle again this year… but would really like to see what is going on this weekend.

Any chance of there being a webcast, or someone undertaking the task of uploading videos to the Blue Alliance or another site?

Good luck to all… Portland has to have about the best venue for a regional in all of FRC!


Team 2557 SOTA Bots is going :slight_smile:

We’ve got a pretty solid kicker and ball retainer. We go under humps and our strategy was just to score during the finale while other robots were climbing.

We were planning on playing mid field or front. Our robot is really small so it’s hard to see from too far away. We have gotten goals from the far end though.

Hope to see you guys there!

Looks like Team 360 will streaming the matches again this year, according to Deb Mumm-Hill:

"Our good friends from team 360 alumni will be creating a link to watch the games live at the Autodesk Oregon Regional event. This new link should be up and running by Friday. Please share with your friends, family and school so that they can cheer on your team as if they were in the coliseum!


See you all tomorrow!

Big thanks-in-advance to 360 for doing this again!