Portland Webcast/archiving

I just wanted to let everyone know that we are posting matches from the Portland Oregon regional on the web, it is close to real time about 4 minutes behind is our current time.

The link is bpsepaa.com/video

There is a guest account set up the user name is guest, and the password is guest feel free to use that one, let me know if any questions. I will try to check back frequently but I have been busy at the event. Let me know what you think please.

Teams 360

thank you, i’m going to school in colorado and i was afraid i wasn’t gonna get to watch the portland regional this year…

Thanks for doing this. Any particular reason you need to create an account to see them? I can imagine some grandparents/parents who were left back at home would want to see this, and it seems like a bit of an inconvenience.


Thanks for the great service.

The reason for this was for tracking reasons, so the regional committee could see how many users were accessing the video. By tallying up the number of accounts created. The site also has a guest account. The details of that are on the front page.

User name: guest
Password: guest

Let me know if any other questions.