Posession of opposing alliance disc

Is it legal for a red alliance bot to pick up or even touch a blue alliance disc (or vice versa) in order to prevent scoring on the other team? Or, could they even use the opposing team’s disc to score?

From what is in the manual right now, I believe it is perfectly legal to collect, horde, touch, and throw discs of the opposing alliance’s color.

You cannot, however, put any discs in the opposing alliance’s pyramid, as per G17:

An ALLIANCE may not put DISCS in their opponents’ PYRAMID GOAL. Violation: TECHNICAL FOUL per DISC.

Awesome! Thank you. We will continue to look for updates to the manual.:slight_smile:

I feel that FIRST will create a rule update regarding this, because it dilutes the whole Pyramid Scoring theory, and if FIRST does not, my honest opinion is that teams will quickly learn how pointless Pyramid scoring is.

If you are wondering why I think that, I posted this in another thread:

The colored Frisbee are the only ones able to be used in the Pyramid Goal. There for decreasing the focus of the Pyramid Goals because there are only 12 colored Frisbee per alliance, limiting a Pyramid Goal score to 60 points, which is still a large score, but teams would need to reliably obtain the colored Frisbee and also reliably score them in the goal on top of the Pyramid. This also creates a predicament for teams that want to be able to safely just dump the Frisbee into the goal, because they would need to do that at least 3 times to get all of the Frisbee in the goal. The other thing about it is that it is hard to shoot at, and the lip and surface area of the goal is very small, making it difficult to put all of the Frisbee in there, if it is even possible!

As I said in the other thread, this is FALSE. There are only 6 colored DISCs per alliance.

I think you’re failing to consider the case of carrying the DISCs up the PYRAMID with you while you CLIMB it, and then dumping them into the GOAL. Much easier than throwing them up there.

There is only 6 colored discs per alliance not 12.

Yes, you are correct. My bad. My point still stands though.

If you don’t want the other alliance to take your discs, then use the feeding stations. Not that hard. I like that they’re adding in some incentive to use them this year, even in the last 30 seconds when it’s not necessary… of course, having said that, they’ll probably change the rules this week.

A disc is defined as any disc, regardless of the color. From how I read the rules, you can touch the other teams discs without penalty.