posible new sections for delphi

i think you should put a section were people can trade any thing they whant(sepret form the CD-swap.
and second i think you should make it so that each team can be part of a group.

Thanks for your suggestions,
We limit what can and should be traded because we are not ebay. We just started the cdswap site this year as an experiment and we will decide at the end of the year if it is worth continuing it - we have limitations as we don’t need or want to get into the trading business.

what about team groups

Please expound on this idea - I don’t know what a team group is, so I cannot comment. What would this do? How would it work? Why would it be needed?

i would be a privet areia for teams to post there ideas to eachother. the system of pms is to privet. with this you l could easaly post something for your entier team to see with out anyone eles seeing it.

This idea would require us to set up and provide space for every team with more than one registered user and unfortunately, we don’t have the space for that.
If teams want to have a private place for them to share their ideas with each other on the same team, I would encourge them to create their own website.
It can also be used to share planning dates, scheduled events, team information, etc.

I agree with what Mike said,
There is lots of resources in the website design/showcase forum which can help a team start a webpage and include a forum. Sites such as Easyboard allow you to set up free forums which your team could use for discussing things. Or you could get a webhost and a domain name and use software such as PHPbb and have your own forums that would work very similar to these forums.