Position control with CTRE Absolute and Talon SRX


We’re attempting to use the CTRE Mag Encoder in absolute mode and a Talon SRX for position control. We’ve looked through the software manual, and I have a couple of questions I’m hoping someone can answer, since the example uses the quadrature encoder rather than the absolute.

We are currently trying to use setPulseWidthPosition. Should we be using the setPulseWidthPosition instead of setPosition? We’ve set the feedbackDevice to the ctreMagEncoder_Absolute, and seem to be able to print out the getPulseWidthPosition without issue. However, when we use setPulseWidthPosition, it seems to just move in the same direction for the same distance no matter what. We have set the nominal output voltage to 0 and the peak output voltage from -4 to +4.

Currently we can just set our isFinished method of the command to stop the motor when it is within some error of the desired position, but it seems as if there’s something that we’re missing, because working this way the motor just seems to move at a set speed rather than seeing any of the normal PID side affects.