Possibility of adjustable suspension

So for my idea for this years game is a pneumatic air ride suspension that is adjustable dependent on what is needed such as the lip underneath the generator switch. our robot is not going to be small enough to go under the trench, and I personally don’t want to accidentally jostle any electrical component trying to jump the lip. my team shares that concern. Does anybody have an idea that may be better to get over that lip without the possibility of jostling anything?

Electronics have survived jumps on/off Hab lvl 2 last year, over “defenses” in Stronghold… they’ll survive that border without any problems. I would say you’re over-engineering the problem. If you’re really that worried about it, use pneumatic wheels, they’ll give you quite a bit of impact cushioning without any added complexity.


Adjustable suspension seems waaayy overkill for FRC. I would recommend making your robot as robust as possible (all electronics attached firmly, nothing loose) and you will be fine. 2016 robots survived barriers, 2019 survived drops, etc

even last year my team tried going off of lvl 2 and lost the ability to control the robot so i am worried it may happen again. The idea of pneumatic wheels sounds good, nobody has brought that up in the team and i am in charge of chassis build

Based off our testing, pneumatic wheels were more than enough to prevent damage to electronics.

I agree here - we were routinely jumping off level 2 with a 4" swerve drive and all I can say is that electronics wasn’t our problem ;(

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By “losing ability to control the robot,” did the radio reset/some motors stop working? Id be checking wiring to make sure everything is secure. In previous years, hits have taken us out that would of been fixed by having more robust wiring.

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Our robot jumped off of hab 3 multiple time on accident and we still had function of our robot :smile:

Did you do a thorough investigation to find a root cause for losing control of your robot? Fixing the wrong “problem” will mean that you will have to fix the real problem later.

The 2016 game that @PleaseWait mentioned was far more abusive on robots than the 2019 game.

The most likely cause for your problems in the 2019 game is loose electrical connections. Loose connections could cause you to lose control when you bump the loading station wall in the 2020 game. The proper solution is to learn to improve the quality of your electrical construction. There are a lot of threads about how to do this on this forum.

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if the chassis changes height the bumpers will as well. If hey leave the bumper zone you will get DQ’d.

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