Possibility of RoboRIO encoder signal sending to Raspberry pi 4b?

Hi everyone! Our team is now working on a go-kart side project based on an FRC chassis. We want to use raspberry pi 4b to get signals from Roborio in order to get data for our onboard dashboard display. Is this method practical? Or are there any other alternatives to reach the same goal? Cause in the WPI documentation there’s only a chapter for webcams.

If you just want to get dashboard type data over, you can use NetworkTables on the Pi to access the same data that normal FRC dashboards use.

So, you want to have a display on the machine itself that displays data about current status. That data probably include speed information gained from encoders. Is that correct?

If so, then, NetworkTables is the right thing. The rio writes to the table, the data is transferred to the Pi, and the Pi displays it.

If you’re looking to have the encoder signal sent directly to the Pi, that’s a lot more complicated – the Pi isn’t really set up for that. You’d probably have to get some sort of hat/daughterboard that processes the encoder signals.

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Do you need the RoboRIO at all? Is it a programming challenge / project?

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