Possible 2013 Game Idea

Recently, I have noticed a pattern about games that are similar to past ones. 2011 was about tubes, like 2007. 2012 was about balls and shooting it into a hoop, like 2006. Will 2013 have triangular game pieces like in 2005? Or, will it just be some other funky geometric shaped game piece? Just an idea…

I wouldn’t mind seeing storage bins again.

I think a 2004-esque super game is long overdue.

In that game, there was so much to do that I think every team could do something. Making a robot that did it all was a near impossibility.

2002,2010- Soccerballs
2003- tubs
2004- two different sized balls
2005- tetras
2006,2012- foam poof balls
2007,2011- inner tubes
2008-covered mega balls
2009- lunacy balls

They have enough game pieces and materials to work with. Add in a minibot, a bridge or hanging bar and a super game is more than feasible.

I’ve said this in the 2012 and maybe the 2011 guess thread, but there is no pattern in games that anything can be drawn from.

I’ve noticed a trend of sport, nonsense game, sport, nonsense game.

I would say next year is most likely a water game.


Water game yep its gotta be a water game.

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No every year everyone says next year will be a water game it is almost as bad as recursion.

Haha, programming joke!

Seriously though, i wouldn’t be surprised by a water game, FIRST is pretty creative. The game will probably be manipulating some sort of odd shape to score points, with a catch of course

The catch: The balls, field, and plexiglass surrounding the field will all be magnetic!

Almost all games have a catch but I just don’t see it happening any time soon, It is just my opinion

If you notice there is sort of a pattern, every other year is ball related, the other years are logo related. Now i dont mean all three. Bins, squares, tetras, triangles, moonrocks, circle, tubes, all 3 combined. Not im not sure about my years and all that, but im quite certain that next year, will be square related…

I say we just play Breakaway again.

Just my two cents, but these games are not thought up by a computer. They are made by a GDC of real people, whose only objective is to create the best overall FRC game they can come up with. Do you really think they would use some sort of pattern to decide?

Of course they wont do the same type of game piece two years in a row, and sure, they try to rotate around. But saying there is a definite pattern to the gamepiece used, unlikely…

I say no

the game isn’t the challenge next year. next yeah the challenge in not being aloud any cylinders on the robot.

Who said anything about pneumatics not being allowed being a challenge? I know of at least one world champion with zero pneumatics aboard, and that’s after pneumatics became common (there were several before then due to severe restrictions).

Next year’s challenge is that metal isn’t allowed on the robots, except under very strict exceptions.

4392 won’t have a problem with that! the only metal we have is from the KOP :yikes:

Wow that would be something no metal on the robot. The only materials that come to mind now is wood and plastic type items.