Possible Cancer Cure?

A possible cancer cure has been discovered by Endocyte and Purdue researchers.

‘“This will have a tremendous impact on human health. Potentially, the cure of a third of human cancers.”
– Chris Leaman, Endocyte

Read About it Here.

Sounds like if this transfers from mice to humans correctly, this should turn out to be a big medical accomplishment.

Oh, I hope it’s true! I’ve been the team captain of a team for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life for two years running now, and I always get a little sad seeing how many lumanaries are lit in memory of those who lost their battle with cancer compared to those lit in honor of those who have survived their battle of cancer. Maybe one day the numbers will be reversed!



I really hope this brings a cure that can translate to humans, it would be a miracle. I did a 3-Day walk for Breast Cancer and saw how it can tear lives and families apart. Lets all pray that this truly works!

This is GREAT news. I just hope that it transfers to humans. My grandmother and step-father both died of cancer in the last few years. There is nothing more that I would wish for than to find a cure.