Possible CD-TBA integration

Wow… Nice job Brandon, I didn’t think you’d have my expansion of the idea implemented quite that fast… Cool. Its no more of an eyesore than the online pic or anything else. I say leave it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it was up to a vote, the TBA block is very much more visible than the small blue alliance lightbulb. I vote to keep the TBA block.

I like the link idea, but I don’t really like the TBA graphic. It stands out too much on the page, IMO. I would prefer the small lightbulb, actually, because I find it less obtrusive.

I concur. I find it very distracting. My preference would be to make the team number the actual link.

And now that I’ve used the word, what would it take to make it an actual user-configurable preference?

  • no link to TBA
  • hyperlink from the team number
  • little blue light graphic
  • bigger “TBA->” graphic

I like the graphic, but if you want to make it blend in more, how about make the button a darker grey (to match the posts) with TBA in blue?

I like it, but I think it would be better if it were located on the right and the arrow pointed to the left – that way it doesn’t mess up the alignment of the text.

Actually, I like ahecht’s idea, only just dont have an arrow on the TBA graphic, just move it to the right side, and have no arrow on it

I like it. The graphic is slightly obtrusive, but I’ve gotten used to it.

Thanks, Brandon. You rock!

I like it as it is too. It is far from obtrusive for me. Other graphics in peoples signatures are way more eye-catching than this and most people have colorful signatures. It blends in well enough letting people know it is a blue alliance logo. And that was fast too! Good work Mr. Martus.

I will have to agree. I don’t think that the TBA is very obtrusive at all. Yes it does misaligned the text, but that is just part of its nature. Bharat made a good point as some of the signatures on here can be a lot more eye catching and distracting than this little graphic that everyone has. With it being uniform throughout the entire forum, it blends in a lot better than if some people have their numbers as a link or the light instead of the button.

Very nice.
No more searching for team website names. Thanks.

I just noticed that individual team pages failed to link to team websites. I’ve added that. Thanks!

I’ve created a custom BB Code for The Blue Alliance.

Example: [tba=47]Team 47[/tba]

Usage: [tba=47]Team 47[/tba]

That is awesome. Sweet work Brandon!