Possible danger using default camera code

I saw this a while ago and didn’t think too much of it, but I was just talking to Nehalita and turns out it happened to her. So a warning to all programmers:

The default pan/tilt pwm outputs as defined in tracking.h are pwm01 and pwm02. Now the electronics team is usually composed of a well organized bunch, people that like to go in order. The mechanical team usually starts with building a drive train and then ships it off to the electronics team to get it driving around. The programming team then finally gets the robot. What do most people do when they get the robot? Download the raw, unmodified code.

This seems like a smart idea, but it turns out that the electrical team (in their neat and orderly fashion) decided to put the drive motors on pwm01 and pwm02 (left and right). So what do we get? An out of control robot that thinks its a servo!

So, for those of you that skipped all that:
**Make sure that the camera pan/tilt values are not the same as your drive motor values.


Happened to us today. We keep our hands on the disable switch :wink:

Programming team is the one that get’s to decide what PWM’s are used for what. That means we get the robot from the electronics crew with PWM cables neatly tagged ready for us to plug them in. Makes life easy!

Well, with such a small team… I am the progrmmer/electrical/driving/whatever else I can do, I get to watch out for that kind of stuff. I noticed that the first time I looked at it and made sure it didn’t happen when we got our bot driving.