Possible Error in KoP

It seems as if the C-Channel (am-202) parts in the Autodesk KoP are inaccurate:
The axle holes on the left start at 4in from the end, and the ones on the right start at 3in, making the part asymmetrical. I noticed the problem as I was trying to assemble the C-Base, and as-is, it is impossible to assemble it.

Has anyone else noticed this?

NOTE: by impossible I mean impossible to put the wheels on


The part is an Autodesk Inventor part and is modeled so that you can modify it to suit your own needs.

In the meantime, I will double-check against specifications from Andymark.

I know we had no issues assembling our C-Base.

we had no problems with ours, everything was in working order… as i know there are 2 holes from each end… one at 3 and then another a inch away… then there is a middle hole… maybe you got a bad one? look around at some cadd drawings and old frame pieces… you may need to add your own holes


Were you able to resolve any issues with the C-Channel. I checked and it looks good as per the other comments.

I had the same problem, but fixed it manually. All the other parts were fine however.

Our CAD team noticed the same thing. The axel bolt holes were not correctly located in the inventor KOP. It is a very simple change to do though, just relocate that hole with the associated feature.

It is much more of a pain to fix if your CAD team insists on using Solidworks and has to convert Inventor to Solidworks for everything :P.

The SolidWorks assembly of the frame and all the model files for the Andy Mark frame have been posted